Parents of Ealing Self-Help Training Scheme

P.E.S.T.S has been working in Ealing for over 36 years, helping parents and children with additional need.

We are a play and support group. Activities are led by our experienced and qualified Play Leader who is helped by our Assistant Play Leader. We also have volunteers who are there to help with the children. We are very multi-cultural, staff, volunteers and other parents can often help with language support.

We also have visiting speakers who range from Ealing's Paediatric Speech Therapists to professionals who can give advice.

For information about what is happening each week (including trips and parties) please read the newsletter and timetable. Once you are on our mailing list a copy will be sent to you before the start of each term in July, December and March.

There is a play & support session every Tuesday and Friday during term time from 10:30am - 12:30pm
Our sessions are held at:
Windmill Children’s Centre,
Windmill Lane
Greenford, Middlesex

Please go to our CONTACT US page for a map